• Neil.Nathanson


    Very Accurate review. I also have the Lens and experienced the limits. I do however come back to the fact that even with the limits it enables me to take lot of 3D pictures That would be impossible to do cha cha. so I like it overall. It is very handy for certain situations. For the sharpness problem, getting a feel for the right distances to get focus is key. Also for me I shoot 10 megapixels so I can crop and reduce the size which tightens up the focus. And then of course I use sharpen filters in Photoshop.

    If you are like me, which your name implies:-) You may take the next steps…

    A slider bar for close 1 camera shoots so you can go into tight macro shots. If you are patient a good tripod and method of lining it up can work as well.

    Then of course one day you will yearn for 2 cameras working together in harmony. Once you get to that zen place this lens will sit in your camera bag for a while… But it will come out for some shots.

    Have fun Neil


    November 10, 2007
  • Andy

    Thanks for providing these helpful comments. I’ve been experimenting with the Loreo MkII 35 mm film camera and basically finding out what it can do. Just joined flickr so will post some soon. I like the clarify of your shots so will be buying one of these for my DSLR. 3D is great fun!

    November 11, 2007
  • My compliments to Neil for the well expressed comments on Loreo 3D.
    It is as the two Neils express, somewhat limited, but it is a mighty
    BEGINING, or and unstoppable trend! The new Loreo $179 25mm lens will be an f-8, with a 3 element formula. This will give a much wider field of view, and the light problems will be reduced. They are also offering a semi-macro 38mm lens that will focus down to
    9 inches and will accept a secondary “close-up” lens for something approaching true macro. I really encourage, all SLR serious users to consider the new Loreos as part of their photo “TOOLKIT”. There will soon be selfmasked prismatic glasses for viwing Loreo orginated shots in full divided wide-screen, on the new 16×10 computer monitors. I recently saw 3D on a 30 imch mac in cross-view with the prototype glasses, and it was killer!

    July 06, 2008
  • thanks, y’all, for the comments on the loreo. i, too, am excited about the macro 3D lens which loreo is about to release… i hope one of y’all will write something when it comes out.
    i still don’t get how the loreo produces cross-eyed photos: don’t they come out parallel? are you cutting and pasting to post them as cross-eyed? why not post them L-R-L to give viewers the option?
    have any of y’all used the pokescope? i find it works great for parallel shots…

    August 12, 2008
  • Hi Neil,

    I am an avid 3D enthusiast and amateur photog. I just received my 3D Lens In A Cap today. I snapped the thing onto my Digital Rebel and went outside where it was still sunny. I was kind of let down that even with my speed set a 100, areas still lit with sunlight, cap set at f11, and my first pictures came out almost black as midnight! Am I doing something wrong? I had that sinking feeling one gets when you realize that Sea Monkeys aren’t little swimming elves.

    August 17, 2008
  • Cecilia

    Guys, don’t bother, just get a Fujifilm W3, the results are quite stunning on a 3D TV, full screen 16:9. Be careful, from my own experience, if you have a full bag of DSLR gears, you might feel guilty because you pay too much attention to the new dimension you just discover from this cheap camera (bought $150 from Australia Ebay, RRP is $599)..then you’d need to learn how to take proper 3D photos those don’t make viewers feel dizzy. Cheers, Cecilia.

    November 21, 2011

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