A Gentleman Discovers a Doll – P365 Dec10

Annie, a friend of mine, is talented with a needle and thread, and has made a number of outfits for herself. She had just finished modifying a dress she found in an op-shop, and had an idea for a themed photo shoot: A Gentleman Discovers a Doll.

We chose Melbourne Uni for the location, as she is a student there and knows it well. Her friend Alex played the role of the gentleman. With a vague story in mind, and the locations on hand, we worked together to come up with ideas for photos to tell the story. This was my first time using flash as the primary source of light on a photo shoot of any significant size, so it was very much a learning experience for me. We all enjoyed ourselves and are very happy with the results.

Following are the photos Annie chose to tell the story, and the words she composed to go along with them. At the bottom is the full shoot. Models: Annie and Alex.

He found her abandoned.

She was lifeless and empty.

Picking her up, along with her mysterious wrapped package, he carried her to sunlight.

Inside the package was her dress.

The sunshine woke her a little, but still no heart beat within her body.

Whilst he enjoyed her company…

…he did wish secretly she would open her eyes and come alive.

And she did.

He helped her discover life.

And its joys.

Like love.

Here is the best photos from the shoot:

Annie posted these photos to her journal, where she has received many comments.


  • Eystein Roll Aarseth

    Great photosession. However, there may be a bug in the HTML somewhere. The text between the large photos isn’t displayed in Internet Explorer 7, and the link to Annie’s journal points to the large version of one of the photos on flickr. Opera and Firefox seems to do the right thing, though.

    December 12, 2007
  • What a pretty set of photos!

    March 20, 2009

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