• Oh eeeeewwwww! The top picture looks like something from a creepy sci-fi monster movie. “Attack of the Killer Flatworms.”

    March 23, 2008
  • That could make a really strange and creepy wallpaper for your monitor.

    You definetely have to get this situation under control.

    March 23, 2008
  • Strange and remarkable creatures aren’t they? I should mention that they’re only about 2-4mm long, so very small. We plan to get them under control, but I suspect it will involve some moderately intense and regular maintainence – sucking them out via syphon as a part of a more regular water change regimine.

    March 24, 2008
  • nicole

    six line wrasses are suppose to eat them … might wanna think about those??

    June 04, 2008
  • Tom

    I had this problem in my reef tank before. It was not a disaster because they didn’t attack my SPS, LPS or any corals in my tank. The awkward was they covered 30% of the surface in my tank and gave a bad look.

    You should be careful in the treatment if you have a reef tank like me. These worms will release toxic when they die. With the high population of them, use Salifert’s Flatworm Exit. The trick is siphon the flatworm out of your tank as much as possible before treament, and do 25% water change 1-1.5 hours after the treatment. You must repeat this process 2 to 3 times on every 3 days to kill all the hatched eggs. After that you may have a 6-line warsse or a Red Scooter Blenny to control them.

    Good luck.

    June 26, 2010

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