• Woot! another interesting person :) and more amazing photos…off to comment! I about jumped for joy for parallel lines, I’ve been thinking about them lately O_o…

    July 02, 2008
  • Great member profile Prince Bart .. I think the photos of your flowers are definately your most passionate subject. They are all so beautifully taken. I see the wonder in flowers too, amazing creations of nature. However I looked at a few of your other albums the other day and if I were to leave comments on them all .. I’d still be there ☺

    I was particularly taken with your ‘The Streets of San Francisco’ set of photos. You have captured the emotion of the whole situation within these peoples lives. It’s very moving stuff.

    Wanting to marry your camera made me laugh and good on you for sticking it out with the orchid vendor, maybe if you gave him a nice print of one of his orchid to put in his store, he may start giving you flowers. lol

    Overall I enjoyed reading about you Ernest .. thanks for sharing. Cheers

    July 03, 2008
  • There are some amazing images here!

    I like what you said about the 450D Ernest, I’ve been looking at buying one of those it’s good to get someone else’s opinion.

    July 03, 2008

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