• I’m totally jealous that you have an awesome group of cosplayers in your area (they seem to be of the extremely dedicated kind of fan) :)…all the pictures are awesome–lol to not leave it at that, I think the personalities of both the characters and the cosplayers are brought out very well :) Looks like you had an amazingly beautiful day for the shoot :) I have to say that the second from the last is by far one of the coolest cosplayer pictures I’ve ever seen. Its so simple yet amazing, the people in the background just add to the person in front of the tree giving the photograph even more personality than just the one person would have done…

    July 09, 2008
  • Melbourne is home to the country’s biggest anime convention, so I am fortunate in that regard. But there are huge cons all around the world, so I’m sure you can find some in your area! I’ll let you in on my secret… I sweet-talked the cosplay competition coordinator into letting me sit in the front row a few years back, talking up my photography skills and promosing free copies to the convention for marketing. Then I took LOTS of photos and got them online within a day of the con. The cosplayers loved the pics, and every year since then I’ve done the same. So now I have something of a reputation as “the” Manifest photographer. People trust me to be professional and take good photos, so as a result they want me to take photos of them. I love the arrangement :)

    Regarding your favourite photo, the shot was working really well, when I saw some empty space in the background and I though “that would look really cool with some people in it”. So I asked some of the others to just stand there and look nonchalant. I love the result, and it reminds me of an album cover :)

    If you’re interested, I made a two part video on how to shoot conventions with costumers/cosplayers a couple of years ago. You can see them here:

    Convention Photography Tips Part 1
    Convention Photography Tips Part 2

    July 20, 2008

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