• Mel

    Wow – I’m impressed!

    October 22, 2008
  • Nakey

    congratulations man :) that’s excellent ^___^

    October 22, 2008
  • Congrats on getting published ;-)

    Can I ask how much you got paid for it?

    October 22, 2008
  • stringy

    Well done! What a beautiful picture – I’m not surprised they wanted to use it :)

    October 22, 2008
  • :D Congratulations! Very Very Cool!

    October 22, 2008
  • Billy


    October 22, 2008
  • Very cool! It looks great on paper — I’ll have to try getting a copy for myself.

    October 23, 2008
  • Neil, that is fantastic! A big congrats man, looks awesome!

    October 23, 2008
  • Bill

    WOW, very very cool. Congrats and great job.

    October 23, 2008
  • Congratulations, Neil! If you don’t mind sharing, I’m interested to know how Discover found your image (website, stock, direct submission?).

    October 23, 2008
  • Vams

    Congratulations Neil.. Very happy for u.. and ofcourse myself.. for having got a chance to pick up some very nice tips posted on ur blog!
    Good work.. and all the very best!

    October 23, 2008
  • Betty

    Congratulations Neil! Wonderful news.
    Love, Mum

    October 23, 2008
  • Dad

    Very proud of you son. Great shot.
    Love, Dad

    October 23, 2008
  • Congratulations ! You should be proud.
    Great pic

    October 23, 2008
  • Tops, my friend. Many congrats to you, and more successes also!

    October 23, 2008
  • Thank you so much everyone for your kind words and congratulations! It’s both a thrill and an honor to be featured in the magazine like this!

    @marty: I was offered $400USD for the image. They told me that this is a lower price than they normally pay as it’s only a 100,000 print run. For their normal magazine which has a circulation of around 900,000, they would have offered more. I’m not sure how much more.

    @Jarrod Discover contacted me after seeing the my image at the Fine Art Photoblog.

    October 23, 2008
  • Neil,

    Congrats. Always like to see felow photographers getting published. Especially the ones who’s blogs I follow.

    Alan Nielsen

    October 24, 2008
  • […] big congratulations to Neil Creek as he just had an image published in Discover Magazine. Great job […]

    October 25, 2008
  • Hey Neil,

    Congrats on this one. It’s a great image and it deserves being on Discover.

    October 25, 2008
  • Amazing image, and congratulations. I wish you many more magazine publishings to come.

    October 25, 2008
  • Bev and John

    Great news! We have to say that with the creative quality of your work, we’re impressed but not surprised! Keep ’em coming.

    October 25, 2008
  • Hey Neil,
    This is great news. congrats!!

    October 26, 2008
  • Roger

    Neil, absolutely brilliant work!!! I hope this leads to many more good things for you. :-)

    October 29, 2008
  • Lovely shot!
    Grats on getting published, but more than well deserved!!

    October 30, 2008
  • Congratulations! It looks fantastic.

    November 03, 2008
  • CTE

    OMG – these are fantasic. Who knew photography could be so incredible?

    November 24, 2008
  • Charl

    Dear Sir,

    Please receive my sincere admire for your astonishingly most beautiful night vision view!
    I am so impressed and your photo made all the difference for me this singular evening here in Sweden!
    Thank you most humbly for your fisheye great photo!
    Kindest Regards,

    October 21, 2011

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