• Neil,
    Sounds like a great challenge, I’m getting my brain warmed up to think up a good idea for it. Wanted to say a big Thanks for making it clear in the entry rules that this contest is for *new* photos. I’ve been a bit frustrated recently when contests that *seem* intent on getting folks to take new photos have then picked winners that were shot months ago.
    It does disqualify one of my favorite images:

    … but that’s OK; I need motivation to keep shooting new stuff.

    December 02, 2008
  • Neil,

    Sounds great. I’m in. Now, where’s my paperclip?

    December 02, 2008
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    December 07, 2008
  • Count me in !!

    Hope I will be able to get with a good idea

    December 12, 2008
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    December 15, 2008
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    December 22, 2008
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    December 23, 2008
  • I’m in, although I must say paperclips are not as bendy as they first seem. Sure bending itself is easy but bending where you want it over and over… takes a little patience.

    December 24, 2008
  • d9dD6p hi! how you doin?

    January 18, 2009
  • Hi Neil,

    Whatever happened to the project results on this one? I’ve been awaiting the December 31 follow-up post…although I may have simply missed it over the festive season.

    January 26, 2009

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