• Sounds interesting….too bad I’m almost 3000km away…

    What sort of off-camera lighting kits are you after? Wireless flash triggers? Or studio lights?

    June 03, 2009
  • I’m sorry too mate – would love to have had you there :) I’m looking to find something like the strobist starving studing kit, but from a local source. Small flash, stand, umbrella, mount, wireless or wired trigger.

    June 03, 2009
  • Thought about hiring gear for the course?
    Alternatively, try contacting local retailers, and see if they’re prepared to give you a discount based on the quantity you’re after, possibly in exchange for some free adverts on your website?

    June 03, 2009
  • Nakey

    there’s a place in melbourne that does a bit of off-camera lighting. also Vanbar. lemme see what i can find.

    given that you’re only using sync triggers, i can’t see why it wouldn’t be a hard thing to get a Sony ADI to standard hotshoe. i think they’re not that expensive either.

    June 03, 2009
  • I found Image Melbourne at the last APCS market, they want to cater specifically to the strobist market.

    I use Sony and have the appropriate adaptors. They are ebay ones which I use with ebay triggers.

    June 04, 2009
  • Nakey

    THAT’S IT!! THAT’s the one that i’m thinking off.

    June 04, 2009
  • Based on the possible commencement date and the activities of Session 4, might the course conclude on the weekend of 22nd/23rd of August? Needless to say, I will be already “on location” that day, aiming to take a ridiculous number of photos.

    (This question is connected only to my curiosity; I’ve already registered my interest with Ashburton for the Saturday timeslot.)

    June 17, 2009
  • If you ever consider running a similar course in Sydney or Wollongong, let me know as I’m extremely keen.

    June 22, 2009
    • I’m just starting with my first course, so any classes outside of Melbourne are in the distant future, but you never know :) Watch this space!

      June 29, 2009
  • Could do with doing a course like this in the uk, do you know any photographers in the uk that do this on a regular basis. Your course looks very comprehensive. Any tips for newcomers to the portrait photography market.

    June 15, 2010

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