• Nermal

    Nice pictures!

    I find the random ordering is problematic — I can’t be sure that I’ve seen them all even after seeing a duplicate. Usually I can keep scrolling until I see one I’ve already seen before; when they’re random that’s not the case.

    Do you dress in costume when you go to cosplay events?

    February 22, 2011
  • Nermal, I think you’re right. I wanted to try random, because I was worried that often the best photos are later in a shoot, and if I left it in chronological order, many people would never get there.

    I think in the end that the problems with a random slideshow don’t outweigh the benefits, so going forward I’ll be sticking with chronological, and I’ll update this slide show to be the same.

    Thanks for your input! I’m glad you like the photos :)

    March 01, 2011
    • Don’t really like how the pause symbol is constantly visible over the image. I think this slide show widget is to flashy for purpose. It detracts from your images. Which are great by the way.

      December 25, 2011
  • Neil, you also have a point in why you arranged it randomly. Anyway, your portraits are good. However, I think some photos have too much contrast which makes the photos darker.

    June 01, 2011
  • mac

    very nice pictures… as well as the facial emotions of the cosplayers…..

    July 01, 2011
  • I really like the gallery but the arrows by the thumbnails aren’t obvious unless you hover over them. Does it work in Ipad, Iphone? Seems pretty good gallery though. Looking for something similar for my blog.

    October 01, 2011

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