Lingerie Shoot – 140524

Not long ago I did a lingerie shoot with an anonymous model. I’ve been given permission to share these photos. I hope you enjoy them! Please don’t hesitate to comment!












A few photos I just took around our foggy garden this morning!









My 10th Anniversary as a Photographer

Ten years ago today, I took this photo of a Blue Linkya sea star in our marine aquarium, my first with a DSLR:


I have always had an interest in photography, and I’d even owned a crappy digital compact camera before this one, but once I saved up and bought the Sigma SD10 photography truly became a passion of mine.

In the last 10 years photography has become more than just a passion, but a profession and a major part of how I define who I am as a person. I have met many people and made amazing friends. I have had experiences that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. I have learned to see the world in ways that I couldn’t have imagined without seeing them through the lens. I have become a photography educator and helped tens of thousands of people to become better photographers themselves, and in doing so I have earned enough money (with Naomi’s help!) to buy the home of our dreams.

Photography drives me, keeps me young and creative and never ceases to give me something to look forward to, whether it’s the next shoot or what I imagine doing with the camera in another ten years. Whatever it is, I’m certain it will be as fulfilling and fun as it is today.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey. I hope you will enjoy watching my work for the next ten!

Siami as SeeU


SeeU Last week I did a cosplay shoot with long-time friend and model Siami as Vocaloid SeeU (seen here on the right). We shot at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition centre, which turned out to be a perfect location.

We were assisted by Grace, and I took a few casual shots of both of the girls before Siami changed into her costume.

You can see the full cosplay shoot here:

You can see the casual photos of Siami and Grace here:






My Top 10 Photos for 2013

It’s time again for the annual tradition where I look back on the previous year’s photography and select the ten photos that I like best and feel best represent what the year in photography was for me. As always it’s hard to pick just ten photos, and justify why each deserves a place, but again this year I feel very proud of what I have achieved. They are presented here in chronological order. I hope you enjoy the photos!

February 23rd – Flour Nude

Because this is an art nude photo, the image here is a blurred version. If you are okay to look at artistic nudity, please click on the image to see the original version.

1/160sec fx.x ISO100

1/160sec f11 ISO100

A very creative friend of mine suggested a photo shoot using flour as a prop, and we had a heap of fun with the idea and got some great shots. One of the mini shoots I did with this setup was an art nude shoot with Mai. I’ve always loved the idea of the human body as a landscape, and for some reason the addition of flour just added to that vision. I love how this photo came out, the lines and shapes, and how it’s almost abstract and not immediately obviously a human body. Click to see more from the shoot.

April 26th – Kat as Xiao Mei


This year I wanted to make an effort to find better locations for my photo shoots, and for this one of a pirate catgirl, a two hour trip to the beautiful rocky coastline at Portsea was just what was needed! While it was a challenging shoot with a very long drive each way, difficult terrain and limited actual shooting time, it was a lot of fun! Kat is wonderful to work with, and the sunset we saw was simply beautiful. It’s worth taking the time to find the best locations. Click to see more from the shoot.

June 7th – Ibis in Flight

1/800sec f6.3 ISO1000

1/800sec f6.3 ISO1000

While driving home from another shoot and with some time to kill, I spotted a sign for some wetlands. I turned the car around and got out for a walk with no idea what to expect. I’m glad I did! The sun was setting and golden hour was making the scene look beautiful. Water, reeds and many many birds provided ample photo opportunities. I attempted to catch some photos of birds in flight, deliberately choosing a fast shutter speed, and when this ibis flew towards the sun I was able to capture it nicely backlit. Click to see more from the shoot.

July 27th – Egg Sack

Macro - 1/125sec f16 ISO800

Macro – 1/125sec f16 ISO800

While working in the garden I turned over a log and found a couple of these remarkable bright orange balls. Each were about one centimetre in diameter and their colour and the delicate lace work surrounding them made them stand out against the dark wood. I brought one in and shot it with my macro extension tubes to get close. I used predominantly back lighting to highlight the white threads, and I discovered that I could see the silhouettes of the eggs inside! I’m told that these were laid by some kind of spider.

September 28th – Moonrise Over Lake Eppalock

6sec f5.6 ISO1600

6sec f5.6 ISO1600

Once again this year I assisted Phil Hart with the running of the Night Sky Photography Workshops. As usual once the students were confident in their skills and were shooting the sky at their own pace I was able to take photos for myself. This time I stayed up very late with several others to watch the moon rise over Lake Eppalock. We were fortunate that the lake was very misty that night, creating a truly other worldly scene. Click to see more from the workshop.

November 10th – SNK Police

1/125sec f2.8 ISO160

1/125sec f2.8 ISO160

Some friends wanted to do a crossover cosplay shoot from two series I hadn’t seen, but when they sent me some reference shots I knew I wanted to go for a badass modern movie look, and it suited their outfits very well! I really pushed the dramatic lighting and pushed even further in processing. They loved the results and I felt like I had ramped up my cosplay photography to a new level. I think I was able to maintain that level for the remainder of my cosplay shoots for the year. Click to see more from the shoot.

November 26th – Mel Glow

1/30sec f3.2 ISO12800

1/30sec f3.2 ISO12800

I had fun and success with a UV reactive glow in the dark body art shoot earlier in the year, so I wanted to do more shoots like it. For this shoot I asked Mei to create the art, and it was a truly spontaneous creation, unplanned from start to finish. Mel made a gorgeous model and her white bikini provided a gorgeous blue glow to contrast with the orange art. Add in some christmas lights and I got this photo. Click to see more from the shoot.

November 30th – Rosie as Lara

1/400sec f8 ISO160

1/400sec f8 ISO160

For this shoot I was able to find possibly the most incredible location at which I’ve ever been able to shoot. I never would have thought I could find a desert in “The Garden State”, but the Big Drift is vast and just being there was an awesome experience. The photos of Rosemary as Lara Croft (and Mei as Yoko Littner whom I also shot at the same time) looked particularly given the setting and it was a super fun – if tiring – experience for us all. Click to see more from the shoot.

December 8th – Annalisa as Rei

1/50sec f2.8 ISO6400

1/50sec f2.8 ISO6400

This was something of a dream shoot, working with the always lovely Annalisa as Rei Ayanami from one of the first anime titles I watched (Neon Genesis Evangelion), at a location perfect for a sci fi scene – the beautiful Melbourne city skyline. The shoot was a little short, and we were dodging bad weather, but we both had a vision and worked well together and were able to nail shot after shot. Adding the iconic huge moon that appeared in the series elevated this photo from a good cosplay shot to one of my favourites for the year. Click to see more from the shoot.

December 20th – Fairy Lights Grace

1/40sec f1.8 ISO3200

1/40sec f1.8 ISO3200

With christmas approaching I was inspired to do a fairy light themed glamour shoot, and Grace was thrilled to be the model. Working only by the fairy lights and a couple of candles it was a very dark and very challenging shoot, but creating an intimate, sweet mood was very easy. Grace was beautiful in her outfit and the photos came out better than we had hoped. Click to see more from the shoot.

Plus two extras

It’s always hard to cull your work for a year down to just ten photos, so it’s become something of a tradition for me to post a couple of extra photos I just couldn’t leave off the list completely.

April 13th – Bladerunner Inspired Fashion

1/6sec f6.3 ISO400

1/6sec f6.3 ISO400

December 20th – Fairy Lights Grace

1/40sec f2 ISO3200

1/40sec f2 ISO3200

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