Photo Nuts and Shots ebook Now Available!


The blog has been pretty quiet over the last year, but this is partly because I have been working hard on my second ebook! I started the Photo Nuts series of ebooks in 2010 with Photo Nuts and Bolts, a book dedicated to teaching you all about how the camera works, and how knowing this can improve your photography (you can still buy your copy here if you don’t have it yet!).

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My First Book: Photo Nuts and Bolts!


Published last week, via the Digital Photography School, my first ebook, “Photo Nuts and Bolts: Know Your Camera and Take Better Photos” is now available to buy for $19.97USD!

The book is all about the camera and how it works. All the important essentials behind how your photograph is taken are explained, as well as how knowing how it all works can improve your photos.

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Dyed in the Milk Print Available

I’m getting back into the groove of things a bit, and having missed a few weeks submissions to the Fine Art PhotoBlog, here’s my most recent one. Some may recognise this pic from an experiment I did earlier this year.

This marks the first abstract image I’ve submitted to my collection on the Fine Art PhotoBlog, so it’ll be interesting to see the response, if any. There’s more information about the photo in its entry on the photoblog, or via the original blog post.

Night Sky Over the Church of the Good Shepherd print for sale

Theres not much more to say about this image than you can’t find in the post at the Fine Art PhotoBlog. Fortunately the photo speaks for itself. If you would like to purchase a high quality fine art print of this photo, please click on the image above.

Twelve Apostles print available

This week’s fine art photo print is a classic Australian scene, along the world famous Great Ocean Road along the Southern Victorian coast. The Twelve Apostles are a collection of gigantic rock pillars left standing after a process of erosion has pushed back the cliff face, leaving these monoliths standing free.

Twelve Apostles at Sunset

Naomi and I were actually taking this photo on assignment for the Australian touring company AAT Kings Tours. The twelve apostles (there are actually only seven standing, but only nine when they were named) are a top destination for the company’s tours, and they feature on the cover of many brochures. A couple of years ago, however, one of the larger and more obvious pillars collapsed, making all the photos in the catalogues obsolete. You can see the pile of rubble in the middle of the shot above. We were asked to go and shoot some new photos for AAT.

The photo they actually selected was a different one, taken in the midday sun, showing the vivid colours of the sea and sky. It was my first ever cover shot! A proud moment for me.

Personally, I much prefer this photo, with the golden sunset light and the dark, blue stormclouds in the background. If you would like to purchace a print of this photo, and have an iconic piece of Australia for yourself, you can do so at the Fine Art PhotoBlog. And while you’re there, be sure to check out the latest offerings from my talented comrades at the blog.

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