• Mel

    my fav is the coral. It looks sci-fi.

    January 05, 2008
  • Great photos Neil! I’m always amazed at your aquarium shots!

    January 06, 2008
  • Roger

    Great shots Neil. Hard to pick a number one but I think it would be “a gentlement finds a doll” (love the fill in flash and the blue lighting) closely followed by the “bubbles in water” (very original).

    PS. Thanks for the tips on New Years Eve fireworks. My shots are improving thanks to your help. Perhaps a special blog entry on shooting fireworks might be handy for readers!

    January 07, 2008
  • WOW is right. Awesome photo!

    January 15, 2008
  • I think Galaxy rising is my favorite but it’s so hard to choose. There are really some outstanding shots here.

    January 15, 2008
  • “Sunset on Lakes Entrance” was my fav among the batch…

    January 22, 2008
  • all your pictures are great.. the one i like most is the “A gentleman finds a doll”. i feel that there is a story behind the photo.

    August 28, 2008
  • Some great shots there. I particularly like the Lakes Entrance one, a very well done HDR, not too overcooked like many HDRs.


    Mark Gray

    November 14, 2008
  • These photos are fantastic! You inspire me to take up photography. I am always disappointed with the photos i take at parties because i am always chopping people’s heads out or if their heads are actually in the photo, they are always blurry.

    November 25, 2008
  • Wow Neil! Some great photos from the past year. I wish I could see the Milky Way as clearly as you can. Too much light pollution here in San Francisco. Again I’m very impressed with the photo choices for your best of. Great photos!

    January 05, 2009
  • Make that great photos from 2007 :) I can’t wait to see your best from 2008

    January 05, 2009
  • Thanks everyone :) Jim, just in case you missed it, these are my top 10 for 2007 :) I’m writing my 2008 top 10 right now! Stay tuned!

    [Edit] Ahh you realised :)

    January 05, 2009
  • Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos with us. I really connect with the macros. The idea that if you look often and deep enough, into the smallest worlds, you are going to be rewarded with sites such as the two you were given. Your work is inspirational to me. Inspiring me to look deeply for possible color within a seemingly drab subject and inspiring me to learn what to do to entice the color forward. I am new to photography and really appreciate the information that I get from you. I am having the time of my life learning the ropes. One of my greatest joys in life, now, is to go out on a virtual shooting spree!

    January 08, 2009
  • I like the comet McWOW photograph. Very original!

    February 16, 2009
  • I am inspired by your work here. Love the sunset, galaxy rising and flower macro.

    March 15, 2009
  • You did a great job with the sunset! How much time did you spend choosing the top 10? Maybe you already picked the best each week, month, etc.?

    March 20, 2009
  • tazeen Hasan

    Stunning sunset at Lake view. Perheps the most beautiful sunset i ‘ve ever seen and one has captured.

    March 19, 2010
  • Some beautiful images there. I particularly like the WOW next to MnNaught. Very creative. And the coloured water bubbles and coral proving what amazing things a splash of colour can do.

    As for galaxy rising… Well I’m just jealous of that one. I’ve never quite mastered the art of photographing stars. Maybe that should be my next project…

    All of the shots are great though and I really like your explanations for each one.

    Clearly it’s taken me two and a half years to stumble across this post, but after seeing your work, consider me a new regular.

    Thanks for sharing your work

    James Cole

    April 26, 2010

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