• Neat idea Neil ! I’ll do my best to make it for this one

    February 03, 2008
  • The photo must be taken within the period of the project

    Does this mean that submitting this image I took in December last year is out of the question? I had to get on my stomach for that shot.

    February 03, 2008
  • Neil Creek

    I’m afraid so! There’s a couple of reasons why I ask people to submit photos only taken during the project period:

    – I want people to take the photo with the project in mind. The point is to get people to try new things and think about photography in a new way.
    – Some people may have a huge collection of relevent photos going back years. It’s unfair for them to be alble to pick their very best photo from all that time to submit when others may only have the three weeks of the project to get their shot.

    I hope you understand :)

    February 03, 2008
  • No worries… I’m trying to come up with some interesting images now.

    I hope I come up with something I’m happy with, and I hope a lot of people participate. Good luck!

    February 05, 2008
  • Hi Neil

    You have a good collection of photos.

    I wanted to reply sooner but I got busy doing other things and then the memory slips.

    I like this approach with low angle shoots.

    Just before after Christmas as I got a gorilla zoom for my camera, which I attached to my monopod at the 1 foot level.

    I walked around downtown and using my wireless trigger took pictures on the streets.

    I am glad that it was winter here as I felt a little voyeuristic about this and was glad that the all had long pants and coats on.

    There were not many good images, ok technically, but I should have gone with a wider lens (10-14) as the 18mm (1.5 crop factor) did not do it. Also the image that did work had lots of legs in them.

    Niels Henriksen

    February 07, 2008
  • Look forward to your future projects Neil

    May 27, 2010

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