• steph

    hey – i had an idea why your milk trick didnt work out (altho i love your toothpick stirred photos)

    i imagine you might have used low fat or skim milk… for the soap to properly react with the fat in the milk you prolly needed to use full cream or 100% fat homogonised milk

    i did it just now with cold full cream milk straight from the fridge and it worked great, the kids loved it! thanks for sharing the link :-)

    May 04, 2008
  • Hi Steph,

    I had read that the experiment works better with full cream milk, so that’s what I used. So unfortunately, that’s not the solution. Perhaps there was something particular to the milk or detergent I used.

    Thanks for the suggestion though! I’m glad you and your kids had fun with the experiment!

    May 05, 2008

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