• Debbie

    Thank you so much for these lessons. I’m learning more about photography from gracious people like you on the internet than I could ever learn in a classroom. I can take things at my own pace and go back to reread whenever necessary. Thank you!

    June 06, 2008
  • Thank you for sharing your photography knowledge!!! I’m excited to have found your blog and will dig right in. :D


    June 06, 2008
  • […] Photography 101.4 – Exposure and Stops In this series, we cover all the basics of camera design and use. We talk about the ‘exposure triangle’: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. We talk about focus, depth of field and sharpness, as well as how lenses work, what focal lengths mean and how they put light on the sensor. We also look at the camera itself, how it works, what all the options mean and how they affect your photos. […]

    June 28, 2008

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