• I like the warped look here too. The fun thing about these is that the inaccuracies are part of their charm so it takes some of the pressure off for perfection. Glad I could inspire you. We all inspire each other which is what makes the internet fun.

    July 25, 2008
  • The weirdest thing is that today I was reading “The Photography Book” (1997) by Ian Jeffery and came across a shot by David Hockney taken in 1982 that is exactly this technique, reminding me of the many Zeb Andrews has posted on flickr done with a Holga.

    I have long wanted to try this technique and have actually organised a family trip to a favourite location tomorrow to try out this technique with a plastic lensed camera myself…

    How coincidental I read your post just after! Yours looks very “Alice in Wonderland” like.

    July 25, 2008
  • Neil,
    The other term that is often used for creations like this is “panography” or (the French version, I presume) “panografie”.
    There’s a flickr group here:

    I haven’t tried one yet, but I intend to soon.


    July 26, 2008
  • Neil,

    Here’s a couple of my “desk photos” taken in a more “Hockneyish” style This is one and that’s the other.

    July 27, 2008
  • Thanks for the comments folks, especially Scott for that fantastic link. I’ve joined the group! Susheel, very cool take on the classic “desk shot” too :)

    July 28, 2008
  • andar909

    hi, andar here, i just read your post. i like very much. agree to you, sir.

    August 11, 2008
  • May I ask what pano stitching software you use?

    August 16, 2008

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