• Wow Neil! Great stuff from your first roll!!! You seem to have a good handle working with those waist-level viewfinders (you do get used to the flipped motion effect after a while.

    Which film did you use? Oh, and when I scan film, I usually wear one lint-free glove, stick the film between two fingers and give it a good wipe down before I throw it into the film holder. then I use a rocket blaster to get rid of any loose stuff before closing the lid. That should clear up most of the lint dust problems.

    Of all the photos, I like the bed of nails photo best — especially without the head!

    Keep shooting with those cameras! Get yourself some really slow film (ASA50 or 100) so you can open up the lens and get some of that sweet TLR bokeh.

    February 04, 2009
  • WOW!!!
    From my own experience, a TLR is not the easiest of cameras to handle and for a first time you got 11 fantastic images.
    My favorite? The last one. Maybe it’s a preference for the composition aspect, but it was the one that captivated me the most.
    Further rolls to come?

    February 04, 2009
  • w9cae

    Great effort Neil. Your welcome to take some of my Practika gear out.


    February 07, 2009
  • erik

    The arch of the iconic South Bank footbridge is this in Manchester? forgot the name of the train station near it.

    February 07, 2009
  • Defintly a great variety and strong keepers for a single roll of 120 film. Not to mention it was your first.

    Any comments on the extra discipline needed when you know you only have 12 clicks before a lengthy reload process? Don’t tell me you would have only taken one photo of the bed of nails guy if you dSLR with you instead. ;)

    March 16, 2009

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