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Photo Nuts and Bolts
Photo Nuts and Bolts is for any photographer who feels that they would like to know more about how their camera works, and how to become more confident at using it to take better photos. The E-Book is directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR. This ebook teaches you how the camera works, and shows you how this knowledge can help you get better shots.

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Photo Nuts and Shots
This inspiring guide explores rarely-discussed topics to help you tap into your creative drive, empowering you to be the best photographer that you can be. This practical primer builds on Photo Nuts and Bolts and your existing knowledge of your camera with in-depth advice, practical examples, and a wealth of illustrations. Photo Nuts and Shots shows you how to harness your creativity and use your creative instinct to select and apply practical techniques that create stunning shots.

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Photo Nuts and Post
Photo Nuts and Post is the third installment in the Photo Nuts series. It tackles post processing head-on and gives you the tools and the courage you need to make it work for you. If you’re intimidated by the idea of processing or don’t know how to make your photos look amazing like the pros, this is the resource to show you how to go from bland to brilliant. The eBook includes detailed walkthroughs of processing some example images, including over an hour of screencast videos which walk you through a number of the techniques talked about in the eBook.

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Photo Nuts and Gear
A small investment that will save you a fortune on your camera and gear. This eBook helps take the mystery out of ensuring you have the perfect photography gear for your needs: from cameras through to lenses, tripods, filters and bags. Making smart choices not only will save you money, it will ensure you’re using the perfect gear to help you reach your full potential as a photographer.

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Photo Magic: Special Effects Photography Made Easy
This book is all about taking amazing SFX photos that will make your friends go “wow” and to expand the creative horizons of your photography! Eleven chapters look in detail at the creation of eleven striking photos including the tools you need, how the photo was captured and the processing required. Each chapter ends with a discussion and examples of variations of each technique, so that you can start your own creative explorations. Not only will you learn how to create awesome effects photos, but you’ll learn more about advanced photography techniques.

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30 Tips & Techniques for Portrait Photography
30TT is the distilled knowledge from years of professional and personal portrait photography. It’s filled with to-the-point information that will immediately improve your photos of people. I share the wisdom I have gained from trying experiments and making mistakes, so that you don’t have to make them as well. Each tip is a self contained nugget of useful information that you can immediately apply to improve the quality of your work. This is the first in a planned series of 30TT ebooks.

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Video Courses

Night Photography Unlocked

Night Photography Unlocked
Photographing at night opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Typically, shooting at night means shooting in low light, which can be a real challenge. Endless blurry party photos on facebook, or faces nuked by flash are proof of that. But believe it or not, anyone can improve their night photos, and you don’t necessarily need a fancy camera to do so. Just a few amazing night photography tips can do the trick for you. Not only that, but the creative possibilities you get after the sun goes down are huge! Not as many people take photos at night, so you have the opportunity to take unique, eye-catching photos that will wow your friends after taking this night photography tutorial.

Night Photography Unlocked – Beginner’s Course

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Free ebooks

Roadtrip through South East Australia
As part of the SoFoBoMo – Solo Photo Book Month – project, I created this ebook to showcase photos I took on a driving vacation around SouthEastern Australia. The book is free to download, and shows some of my best photos from 2009. Feel free to share the book around with friends and family!

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